The holidays are near, hope this newsletter brought you the good cheers to wrap up 2018.

You have seen the progress of ACLS improvements over the year and most important, the plan to make ACLS sustainable is progressing well. A strategy cooperation with UniLab entered a new era after UNSW endorsed the new MOU to commence the full scale cooperation, from ACLS, to Moxy (Labcast), from Lab Sensing to Block chain applications.

Dr James Hook who is the former NMR facility director at UNSW joined UniLab as strategy and policy adviser.

We are working on the last milestone to enhance ACLS reporting functions and features. 2019 development master plan is under draft for ACLS, including calendar improvements, data dashboard features, financial system integration. Working with Moxy (Labcast) and Lab Sensing will elevate ACLS to a new dimension.

Moxy wireless meeting room solution is under trial at UNSW, the solution would be possible to deploy for all UNSW meeting rooms, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms. Moxy does more than meeting rooms, I’ll keep you posted for the progress.

If you wish to try the meeting room demo, go to to download and install MoxyDesktop app, run it to see the demo on your desktop screen served as the virtual screen.

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