Dear All

I am pleased to write to you that we have wrapped up the ACLS enhancement and development for quarter 1 2017. The details of this major update can be found We are in debt to many for the new release, specially, I’d like to thank John Zhu at MCN, Sandy Benness at Deakin, Sharyn Wragg at ANU and Katie Levick at UNSW.

. The followings are the major enhancement and new features.

– Facility catalogue: all registered users are able to view all equipment details and to book the certified/permitted facilities

– Consumable usage tracking: I updated all for this new feature. After receiving first round feedbacks, we enhanced the module

– Lab event and holiday: a new timeline design is implemented.

– File manager: a new file manager design is implemented for all the forms, documents and files.  A polished and animated presentation becomes real after a long waiting.

– Pinboard: this is a new feature in ACLS to provide a pinboard for users and staff to post sticky notes, personal or public. Please refer to the guide for details.

– User certificate expiry: to terminate user certificates, system is modified to use user’s last booking instead of user’s last system login access for termination.
What is next for ACLS? We’ll start to overhaul the entire booking calendar modules for instant page loading and smart booking feature, an online fly-in help will be provided so to make the learning easier for new starter to navigate through the system.

The next phase of dev will be kicking off in April, and expecting to complete in July.


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