Dear All

First of all, I’d like to thank you for all your support and patience, wish you and your family having a good Easter break over the long weekend.

Second, I’d like to welcome Central Washington University and University of Technology Sydney joining ACLS family.

I feel excited to tell you that we successfully completed the ultimate calendar design and going to launch version 1.0 of Corea – Machine Learning, Corea Analytics. We aim to complete the fine-tuning, add chart for booking quota, and estimated cost for each session as an indicator by the end of next week, to complete local by the first week of May. And expecting to be production read for all in mid May.

– Ultimate calendar:
o If the last calendar is amazing finish, then the ultimate one is more amazing.
o Combine week-only and month calendar to one
o Dynamic control over day/week/month view with the instant loading of calendar
o TODAY button can immediately bring the calendar to the current day/week/month view
o Add-on min calendar can assist you to move the calendar dates quicker and easier
o Print to PDF

– Version 1 of Corea Analytics:
o Aim to provide performance indicators
o Most popular facilities and KPI
o Most trained facilities
o Most outage facilities



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