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I am happy to update that we completed the overhaul to catalogue facilities, to show the current facility status. The new design for facility manager divided the facility profiles into separate sections for better administration.


  • General profile
  • Booking profile
  • Catalogue profile
  • Charge rates


In addition, new concept of ‘Archived Facility’ is introduced to Facility Manager to admin those decommissioned or inactive facilities, thanks to the concept contributed by Michael Turner of USyd. Item Number in facility catalogue can be asset codes, or any special codes to identify the assets in your university asset system, so ACLS can link to the asset information. The new release will be rolled out in late August.


Courtesy of ANU, we’d like to invite you to sign in ANU portal at via AAF to see  ANU Research Equipment Catalogue which is still in early stage of data entry. In one word, your research equipment can be shared and accessed Australia-wide.


The snapshots of new facility manager are shown here.


Archived facility:

Facility profiles:

Current facility status is a handy tool on dashboard, a new design is implemented to make it much clearer and easier to navigate.




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