ANFF QLD Node requested to modify the ACLS (MCN) version to meet its own operational requirements. The business process has been overhauled in ACLS to deal with the business model integrating with projects and memberships.

This guide intends to cover information about the changes to many aspects of ACLS. In short, they are:

  • Online registration submission
  • Online registration approval
  • Manual user registration by admin staff
  • Project membership registration
  • Project top up hours tracking
  • Project daily updating to remaining hours
  • Facility registration
  • User booking tool with booking reminder
  • Booking data report: All the data reports are set up for the project membership rate accordingly
  • Booking data invoicing: All the invoice statements are set up for the project membership rate accordingly. The system needs to be able to generate monthly invoice statements per supervisor
  • Consumable ordering and resources
    • Order consumables by users
    • Register and edit consumables by admin staff
    • Top up consumables by admin staff
    • Consumable reports

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