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I am pleased to announce that we have completed full Q2/2017 ACLS enhancement, the last of major enhancement in Q2/2017 is that you are able to attach a form to the booking session. The request was requested by a few labs over years. After careful consideration, we decided not provide a form builder as the types of forms vary so much depending on the research requirements. You can design form with Word or PDF, or use the online form builder such as google form.

Here are details of changes, and further details will be provided with the coming ACLS guide 2018.

  • Enhancement #1: New dashboard landing page

  • Enhancement #2: Facility type and catalogue access control.

Facility: 5 types are set up: Research equipment, loan items, meeting rooms, vehicles, the others

Facility: 4 access types are implemented: disable to catalogue, local access, organization access (SSI), and universe access (AAF)

  • Enhancement #3: Attach form to the bookings
  • Register form via Facility Manager: single form per facility or equipment. The form is used mainly for medical labs, which requires ethic code, sample details, etc.

  • Booking calendar: show the form as URL so users can download or access the form
  • Attach form: booking lightbox window asks user to tick the box for ‘Fill up or upload the form’ when they save the booking. If it is online form, then lab admin needs to reference the form to each booking session manually. For docx or pdf form, users can upload the form.

Clicking on ‘Upload …’ button opens up new browser window to upload the form with the auto-generated unique reference ID

  • Access uploaded forms: staff can access all the uploaded forms, and users can only access their own submitted forms. The access button is positioned on the right-hand side of the calendar

Attaching form is the latest feature to ACLS, we are expecting to improve it over time.



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