Dear All

I am excited to the completion of stage I: calendar enhancement for dynamic/instant loading and multi-threading events/sessions. To describe it in a simple term, for example, the current design is a single calendar service, if you have 1000 users and 200 equipment in ACLS, 1000 share one calendar service. For this new multi-threading design, system creates 1000 individual calendar services for 1000 users, so each user has his/her own calendar without the need of waiting in the queue. System calendar performance is greatly enhanced, the more users in ACLS, the more equipment in ACLS, the more obvious of the improvements.

Entire calendar module was re-engineered, including my calendar, all staff calendar and all service calendar. To see the performance enhancement, go to ALL Staff calendar or ALL service calendar.

Dynamic and instant event loading is implemented, each event action (add/edit/delete) provokes system to reload events immediately so you are able to see your results immediately and also see any other new bookings made by the others.



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