Dear All

Hope everyone had a good holiday break.

My apology for cross posting as this email is mainly for staff who runs the usage report and process the invoices through ACLS.

I am pleased to write to you that we completed Q4 2019 ACLS enhancements, mainly performance enhancement other than more features. Please refer to the attached guide for the change details. The invoice summary is the new tool to make life easier for staff who manages the invoice and billing. User profile analytical tool is a handy provision to analyze the user data, more graphic tools will be added.

For next move, the following major improvements are expected to be done.

  • Multi-level organization structure to replace the current single level school manager
  • Multi-level lab unit support
  • Auto-refresh the resource list
  • Task manager – new feature, more details will be provided in the future
  • In progress booking administration
  • User profile graphic analytical tool
  • Resource owner booking only
  • More surprises …



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