Dear All


Hope you are doing well.


Winter arrived and it has been lots of rainy days in Sydney. I am pleased to send you the updates for the good news. We completed Q2/2018 development work for ACLS. The latest SQL 2.25.6 will be released after passing the trial at UNSW. We expect the production release in late June.


A quick insight of the new changes are given as followings:


  • New calendar look plus a new responsive create booking button. The new design only applies to the facility booking tool for all staff and users to this release.

  • New account manager: future enhancement for all modules will go along the same design theme and protocols

  • Many other minor improvements leave to you to find out.


ACLS Guide 2019 is under drafting and will be ready in late July. We’ll post the guide to all in August. I am proud that we did so much with the limit resources. And we’ll do more with the assistance from Unilab in the future.


What is next in the second half of 2018? We’ll start the large scale enhancement for ACLS reporting and invoicing modules, also implement the new calendar to all the booking tools and calendars. Furthermore, powered by UniLab, 3 new products are coming to provide ECO solutions to digital campus and labs, they are Labsensing, Labcast, Labreporting. ACLS will be fully integrated with the products and services provided at UniLab. I’ll send the separate updates about those products and benefits in the near future.




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