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I am enormously pleased to share the future of ACLS and more with you. Before touching on the major subjects, I’d like to introduce UniLab – a spin-off company to team up with us to deliver the following services and products to meet the demands.


  • LabReporting: it works with ACLS and other booking system. Here is the demo link at Currently, UniLab works with UNSW to conduct comprehensive survey and develop highly demanded reporting service which will reduce admin loading, ease the pains of the reporting on various systems, data validation with HR and finance, and automate the process for various reporting including NCRIS reporting. AI engine will be implemented to the service to assist in decision making in the future. Should you wish to see the preliminary demo, please send request to


  • LabSensing: a new product will be developed and deployed at UNSW for all the research equipment computers, it will track equipment usage, support online chat and data sensing. More details will be provided in due time. LabSensing will replace the current ACLS tracker app.


  • LabBridging: it is a service provided by UnILab. We are currently working with UniLab to develop the bridging solutions so ACLS can access research data on myTardis, XNAT and Nextcloud. The initial outcome is available on ACLS demo at Upon login, go to Dashboard -> My Home -> Data. It is also mobile ready. If you are keen to explore Nextcloud solution to manage your research data storage, or keen to explore the bridging solution to access your org data clusters, please contact UniLab at Currently, UQ and ANU runs on Nextcloud for various schools.


  • LabCast: We are working with UniLab to develop a solution to cast the current day bookings to a large screen like an airport departure and arrival display. The product could work with any booking systems, and first version will work with ACLS. If you have multiple equipment at one location, you can hook up a display screen with UniCast to display the current day bookings. It is a very handy way to help researchers and supporting staff to see the bookings when they enter lab area or clean rooms. You can purchase the LabCast from UniLab and first installation will be completed in 2 months at UNSW. Please contact UniLab if you are keen.

We have completed the preliminary prototype to access data to Nextcloud for demo. Seeing is believing, please contact me if you want to see the demo, you can see the results on desktop and also your mobile. More comprehensive solutions will be available will be provided in 3-4 months to 3 data platforms, myTardis, XNAT and Nextcloud.


Here are some snapshots for self-explanation.

  • Web browser on desktop

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