Modification for IHMRI IHMRI stands for ILLAWARRA HEALTH AND MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Customization has been done since 2011 according to requirements provided by IHMRI. This appendix provides an operational guide to the customized ACLS for IHMRI. Background Equipment Maintenance Management functions Users and managers need to know when equipment is not available due to being faulty or damaged, or for a scheduled maintenance/service. In addition, a fault notification system needs to be included to allow users to notify the system and therefore management if and when any equipment is faulty, a brief description of the incident or fault, the extent of the damage, and urgency of response needed. Category                              Description Green light Equipment all ok Amber light Needs maintenance but[…]

Background  ANFF QLD Node requested to modify the ACLS (MCN) version to meet its own operational requirements. The business process has been overhauled in ACLS to deal with the business model integrating with projects and memberships. This guide intends to cover information about the changes to many aspects of ACLS. In short, they are: Online registration submission Online registration approval Manual user registration by admin staff Project membership registration Project top up hours tracking Project daily updating to remaining hours Facility registration User booking tool with booking reminder Booking data report: All the data reports are set up for the project membership rate accordingly Booking data invoicing: All the invoice statements are set up for the project membership rate accordingly.[…]

ANFF stands for Australian National Fabrication Facility. Customization has been done since 2010 according to the requirements provided by the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) and ANFF Queensland Node. This appendix intends to provide an operational guide to the customized ACLS for ANFF. Modification for MCN    Background  The modification has been developed for the cost centre or business model running at MCN. A provisional pricing schedule for MCN, in accordance with ANFF documentation, is indicated below in Table 1. Table 1: Pricing regimes for basic access to MCN  The key for the pricing schedule is listed below and correlates with the user category Support Provided PhD Student University/ PF Researcher Industry User Unassisted A B C Assisted D E F[…]