Dear All   I am pleased to update you that ACLS Guide 2019 printing was completed. We’ll start to post guides to all ACLS labs from this week. Attached is the updated ACLS brochure (it is long overdue, the first version was done in 2010) which will be included in the coming Bio networking event held at UNSW,   There are some important enhancement for the next release. Resource Invoicing New resource manager On labcast side, we are working closely with UniLab to prepare for IMC19 demo, live desktop sharing and casting made a significant progress, and live weather is available now.

Dear All   I proudly present the Labcast service to the ACLS community. Labcast is developed and powered by UniLab which is a spinoff company from UNSW, aiming to provide the digital solutions to university labs, research groups and education groups, and provide long term support to ACLS.   I mentioned Labcast in my previous updates, now the PPT is ready for sharing with you. So far, a number of demo screens were or will set up at UNSW, ANU, UTS and Deakin. The good news is that for ACLS community, Labcast is a free service.   Courtesy of ANU RSB, attached is the PPT and lab photo that shows Labcast in operation.   UniLab will present and demo the[…]

Dear All   Hope you are doing well.   Winter arrived and it has been lots of rainy days in Sydney. I am pleased to send you the updates for the good news. We completed Q2/2018 development work for ACLS. The latest SQL 2.25.6 will be released after passing the trial at UNSW. We expect the production release in late June.   A quick insight of the new changes are given as followings:   New calendar look plus a new responsive create booking button. The new design only applies to the facility booking tool for all staff and users to this release. New account manager: future enhancement for all modules will go along the same design theme and protocols Many[…]

Dear All   I am enormously pleased to share the future of ACLS and more with you. Before touching on the major subjects, I’d like to introduce UniLab – a spin-off company to team up with us to deliver the following services and products to meet the demands.   LabReporting: it works with ACLS and other booking system. Here is the demo link at Currently, UniLab works with UNSW to conduct comprehensive survey and develop highly demanded reporting service which will reduce admin loading, ease the pains of the reporting on various systems, data validation with HR and finance, and automate the process for various reporting including NCRIS reporting. AI engine will be implemented to the service to assist[…]

Dear All   I am pleased to report that the following features are added to ACLS to enhance the user booking confirmation process and reduce the unattended booking sessions by users, to manage user certification with the live search function if you are dealing with large number of certificates, and to add video clips for education, resources and research.   Attached is the detailed guide for reference.   Staff calendar is still under trial with STATS unit, expect to be ready in March for all.  

Dear All   The login page was re-designed to give a professional look and also easier for branding to meet your organization requirements. We are providing customized branding assistance so the top banner sector can be recolored or styled to your needs. If you don’t use SSI, the next major release will come with the new login page, we expect the next major rollout in Feb 2018.   The master development plan 2018 for ACLS is underway. The main focus in 2018 is to improve ACLS reporting modules, multi-threading (parallel processing) performance and flexible to meet enterprise reporting demands, more details will be provided in first quarter of 2018, integrating with HR system at UNSW, and the API scripts can[…]

Dear All   I sent out two updates for Sep, this the last for Sep, I promise.   I cannot wait to update you that the new timeline design has been completed to offer a new way to see the booked sessions for multiple facilities on the same calendar page. It is extremely user friendly and gives you option to booking multiple facilities in relation with ease. The new timeline design establishes the foundation to the coming Staff appointment calendar.   Here are the snapshots of the new timeline calendar.   Day view Week view Month view Year view

Dear all   We finally delivered this highly demanded feature to export calendars from ACLS to the external calendar program, Outlook, and Google calendar via internet url. We are releasing this new version from MWAC, and then to entire UNSW fleets. From now onwards, you are able to connect ACLS calendar to Outlook calendar, it is very useful feature so that you can see the future bookings without the need of accessing ACLS.   Here is the brief description of how it works.   For users (including all staff): my calendar can be exported to outlook, the export url is updated every 5 minutes. In other words, if you add a new booking, within 5 minutes, you can see it[…]

Dear All   I am delighted to present you the ACLS Complete Guide 2018. ACLS complete guide is the bible about the entire system for admin, staff, managers, in this latest 2018 edition, it reflects many achievements and unique features we made over the past one year, from single node system to a networked nodes system, from local ID sign in to AAF sign in, from a single node catalogue to the org catalogue.   Here is the ACLS Complete Guide 2018 available to download at The printed copies will be delivered to you in two – three weeks.   I’d like to thank you all for your great support and feedbacks to make ACLS better and polished. I[…]

Dear All   I am happy to update that we completed the overhaul to catalogue facilities, to show the current facility status. The new design for facility manager divided the facility profiles into separate sections for better administration.   General profile Booking profile Catalogue profile Charge rates   In addition, new concept of ‘Archived Facility’ is introduced to Facility Manager to admin those decommissioned or inactive facilities, thanks to the concept contributed by Michael Turner of USyd. Item Number in facility catalogue can be asset codes, or any special codes to identify the assets in your university asset system, so ACLS can link to the asset information. The new release will be rolled out in late August.   Courtesy of[…]

Dear All I am pleased to announce that we have completed full Q2/2017 ACLS enhancement, the last of major enhancement in Q2/2017 is that you are able to attach a form to the booking session. The request was requested by a few labs over years. After careful consideration, we decided not provide a form builder as the types of forms vary so much depending on the research requirements. You can design form with Word or PDF, or use the online form builder such as google form. Here are details of changes, and further details will be provided with the coming ACLS guide 2018. Enhancement #1: New dashboard landing page Enhancement #2: Facility type and catalogue access control. Facility: 5 types[…]

Dear All I am writing to you about the news channel (connecting with Twitter) at, and the new design for Single Sign In (SSI) and news channel of AC Lab System. SSI was enhanced to prepare for AAF (Australian Access Federation) integration and global equipment catalogue and search capability. In the other words, anyone who signs in from AAF can access the equipment catalogue for your university, organization and NCRIS facilities. The final work for AAF integration and global equipment catalogue is expected to kick off in Sep 2017. The diagram below shows the working mechanism, and you can add more nodes to SSI+AAF as you wish. Here is the new design for SSI (screen print), the live URL[…]

Dear All I am pleased to update you that the new timeline calendar enhancement was completed. The timeline lays the foundation to the future one calendar for all facilities, that is the ultimate goal to have the best scheduling and appointment calendar in the world, and we are getting very close to that. People often ask me how they are able to see more facilities on a single calendar, so they can book a few at one place. The most important is that in some cases, they need to book two or more at the same time due to the instrument coupling mechanism. With the new timeline, yes, that is possible now. Cheers, Dong

Dear All First of all, I’d like to thank you for all your support and patience, wish you and your family having a good Easter break over the long weekend. Second, I’d like to welcome Central Washington University and University of Technology Sydney joining ACLS family. I feel excited to tell you that we successfully completed the ultimate calendar design and going to launch version 1.0 of Corea – Machine Learning, Corea Analytics. We aim to complete the fine-tuning, add chart for booking quota, and estimated cost for each session as an indicator by the end of next week, to complete local by the first week of May. And expecting to be production read for all in mid May. –[…]

Dear All I am pleased to update you that ACLS is AAF ready now. AAF ready means that regardless of which organization the users are form, they can sign in through AAF single sign to access your ACLS. I’d like to give a Loud Applause to Frank in our team for the achievement. Here is ACLS access via AAF demo link at Upon successful, the landing page shows your name, your institute and your email address. If you see the institute field shows unknown, please feel free to contact me so we can add your organization to ACLS reg. ACLS via AAF is a separate service provided by us, and mainly design for institutional deployment other than individual lab[…]

Dear All I am excited to the completion of stage I: calendar enhancement for dynamic/instant loading and multi-threading events/sessions. To describe it in a simple term, for example, the current design is a single calendar service, if you have 1000 users and 200 equipment in ACLS, 1000 share one calendar service. For this new multi-threading design, system creates 1000 individual calendar services for 1000 users, so each user has his/her own calendar without the need of waiting in the queue. System calendar performance is greatly enhanced, the more users in ACLS, the more equipment in ACLS, the more obvious of the improvements. Entire calendar module was re-engineered, including my calendar, all staff calendar and all service calendar. To see the[…]

Dear All I am pleased to write to you that we have wrapped up the ACLS enhancement and development for quarter 1 2017. The details of this major update can be found We are in debt to many for the new release, specially, I’d like to thank John Zhu at MCN, Sandy Benness at Deakin, Sharyn Wragg at ANU and Katie Levick at UNSW. . The followings are the major enhancement and new features. – Facility catalogue: all registered users are able to view all equipment details and to book the certified/permitted facilities – Consumable usage tracking: I updated all for this new feature. After receiving first round feedbacks, we enhanced the module – Lab event and holiday: a[…]

Dear All Happy new year. Hope you all had a relaxing holiday break. I am delighted to update you that we completed the consumable usage tracking module in a shopping cart style. The module might be useful for your lab operation, in particular, in the web lab area to replace the paper notebook. This module is designed for local consumable usage tracking and reporting. However, this module is NOT available to BMSF/BRIL/FCF/BRC due to its business model limitations. The consumable shopping carts could be available for mobile app in the future. In addition to consumable module, facility catalogue and new lab event & holiday calendar are released as well. Here is the guide for details at We are happy[…]

Hi All We are about to release the next version now to restore the popular repeat booking feature and to provide service booking instant saving mechanism. As service events run on the top of the other events, so any events run over by server bookings will be replaced and changed by service bookings. Visually, upon creating the service events, it stays side by side with the run-over events. System sends the email notice to the users and staff whose bookings are run over by service bookings automatically. Should you encounter any issues, please let me know.

It has been our aspiration to make smart phone app and now I am excited to announce it is ready to download at Apple Store. The biggest credit shall be given to A/Prof Grainne Moran, who got the project funded in 2015 and we delivered the result. The current app provides all feature and capabilities to the current mobile browser version.   Science has no borders is the front page of the app. Thanks to the popular smart phones, App new bulletin feature gives us the power to outreach MWAC and UNSW activities, news and updates on campus (14 ACLS) and beyond campus (26 ACLS).   To register bulletin update, please contact us at so the team can assist[…]